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Yokohama Gyunabe
A Japanese take on eating beef



The traditional taste of Yokohama, preserved using selected ingredients

When Westernization came to Yokohama, so too did a new way of eating beef that remains popular to this day: Gyunabe, or “beef pot.” First, a sukiyaki stock is poured into a shallow cast-iron pot containing a layer of beef and vegetables to create a sort of stew. This is then cooked so that the fat oozes from the beef and a sweet aroma fills the air. When the stew has come to the boil and the beef has changed color, it is ready to eat. Araiya is an old established restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional taste of Gyunabe. Araiya prepares its cuts of beef for Gyunabe from Japanese black. The other ingredients are also carefully selected: thick leeks from Senju, known for their sweetness when cooked; Shirataki noodles that remain “al dente” even when boiled; and firmer than normal grilled tofu. Araiya’s fourth and current proprietress explains the origins of Gyunabe: “The taste evolved through trial and error as the Japanese sought to adapt the beef eaten by foreign residents to their own tastes when Japan underwent Westernization. Gyunabe was made not for foreigners, but for the Japanese – it is Yokohama cuisine.” The parent restaurant is situated in a historic building decorated with woodblock prints of Yokohama that immerses diners in days gone by. In 2007, Araiya opened a second restaurant at the foot of Bankoku Bridge. This combines a modern Japanese-style décor with cuisine as good as the parent restaurant’s, making it popular with weekend sightseers as well as locals.


「牛鍋や はなしもくだけゆくばかり」




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