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The cake whose return sent
Yokohama wild with excitement


2006年にオープンした旗艦店横濱ありあけ本館「ハーバーズムーン」。 直営店は現在12店舗。ありあけシァル鶴見店などでは和菓子の扱いも始めている。


Ariake – inspiring the customer through cake making

Harbour cakes, made by Ariake since 1954, were one of Yokohama’s best-known confections. Consisting of chestnut paste wrapped in a sponge cake batter, their blend of East and West in a way that typified the Yokohama character was hugely popular with Yokohama natives and tourists alike. But when their distributor went bankrupt in 1999, they disappeared from the shops. Shocked by the sudden disappearance of such a well-known famous brand, the Western confectionery maker Plecia took on the task of resurrecting it in response to the wishes of the many Harbour fans who were shocked by the demise of their favorite cake. Backed by local businesses and former employees, then president (now chairman) Hisakazu Fujiki set up a steering committee to bring back Harbour cakes. Skilled bakers were sought out, and Harbour cakes made their come back, tastier than ever, in 2001. Events held throughout the city drew large crowds of customers who had been looking forward to the return of their favorite. After its relaunch as a member of the Plecia Group, Ariake opened more stores and Harbour cakes once again became a must-buy souvenir of Yokohama. Ariake is now committed to impressing its customers with new cakes in line with the Plecia Group philosophy of “creating inspiration.”



本店:横濱ありあけ本館 ハーバーズムーン

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