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アート宝飾[Art Jewelry]


Bashamichi-inspired collection
preserving and showcasing local culture


The 馬車道コレクション

横浜・馬車道は1867年に、当時の外国人居留地と日本人街を結ぶ道として開通した。命名の由来は外国人が馬車で往来したところからきている。その後日本初のガス灯がともり、写真館やアイスクリーム屋が生まれ、西洋から次々と新しい風が運ばれた。アート宝飾は、文明開化が吹き抜けたここ馬車道通り沿いに本社ビルを構えている。親子3代にわたりお客様に支持されている老舗ジュエラーでは、一般小売店の倍以上となる70種類の宝石を扱い、希少な石も少なくない。なかでも馬車道をテーマに馬、馬車、貴婦人、ガス灯などをモチーフにしたオリジナル・ジュエリー「The 馬車道コレクション」は人気が高い。1989年の横浜博を機にデザインをリニューアルし、貴婦人が持つ日傘をモチーフにしたリング、馬にダイヤモンドを配したペンダントやネックレスなどを展開。様々な馬の表情をとらえ、優美な横顔や精悍な勇姿がデザインされ、手頃な価格帯も相まって遠方からの問い合わせも度々あるほどファンを広げている。六川社長は「現在約300アイテムありますが、今後もデザインバリエーションを増やしていきたい」と言う。馬車道の馬たちが全国を疾駆する日もそう遠くない。

Popular jewelry featuring horses, horseshoes, gas lamps, and other motifs

Bashamichi opened in Yokohama in 1867, and it acquired its name, which literally means “carriage street,” from the sight of the horse-drawn carriages that used to travel along it carrying foreigners between the foreign quarter and Kannai district of Yokohama. It later became the first street in Japan to be lit by gas lamps, and photo studios and ice-cream parlors popped up as it remained at the forefront of the wave of Westernization that swept Japan at the time. It is here that Art Jewelry has its head-office building. Owned by the same family for three generations, this long-established jeweler’s shop stocks 70 types of jewel, more than twice the range of a typical retailer, including many rare stones. Particularly popular is “The Bashamichi Collection” of original jewelry featuring horses, horseshoes, ladies, gas lamps, and other motifs inspired by Bashamichi. A design update to coincide with Yokohama Exotic Showcase in 1989 saw the addition of a ring depicting a lady with a parasol and pendants and necklaces featuring horses decorated with diamonds to the collection. The depictions of horses in all their moods, elegant profiles, and gallant figures at affordable prices are attracting a broadening fan base, and Art Jewelry now receives inquiries from far and wide. Its president, Katsuhito Rokukawa, says, “While we currently offer some 300 items, we are looking at moving into the wholesale promotion business as well.” The horses of Bashamichi will thus surely soon be seen galloping across the country.





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