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Western-style furniture with a
distinctively refined Japanese finish



Classic Yokohama furniture lovingly handmade by master craftsmen

In 1863, an Englishman by the name of Gorman began making Western furniture in Yokohama for Westerners living in Japan at the time. Japanese carpenters are said to have met Gorman’s strict requirements and produced furniture of the same quality as found back in Britain. Indeed, such was its quality that foreigners would take their furniture back with them when they returned to their own countries. These craftsmen went on to incorporate distinctive elements of Japanese culture and skills into their Western furniture-making techniques, giving rise to what has become known as the classical style of Yokohama furniture. A superb degree of perfection is achieved by handcrafting outstanding materials, and this tradition, along with the skills that go with it, has been preserved to this day by Daniel. Use is made of materials such as choice Kabazakura (a kind of wild cherry), a durable wood with a beautiful grain that does not warp even after long use, and designs featuring carvings and gentle curves that one never tires of. To this day, Daniel’s skilled carpenters oversee the entire process from cutting to assembly with their own eyes, running their hands over their finished handiwork to ensure that they are completely satisfied with it. Only items that they are completely happy with see the light of the day. Daniel’s furniture is known as “hundred-year furniture” that can be used for three or four generations. When you see how well it is made, though, you’ll understand why these masterpieces not only last a century but also actually seem to gain in depth and quality as the years go by.




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