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Clothes that are a joy to wear
and stand the test of time




From fabrics to dyeing and sewing, Fukuzo does everything in-house

The goal of Fukuzo’s founder, Fukuzo Morimoto, was to make clothes that would stand the test of time, and it is not unusual for Fukuzo clothes to still be worn by the grandchildren of their original owners. When Fukuzo was demobilized after the war, Yokohama lay in ruins and his family had been bombed out of their home. With the one sewing machine that was left, he opened a clothing store, and so began Fukuzo Yohinten. It was a time of shortages, which is why Fukuzo wanted to provide his customers with cheap, well-made clothes that would last. This also gave rise to Fukuzo’s policy of doing everything in-house – from threads and fabrics to dyeing, cutting, and sewing. The seventies and eighties saw a huge boom in the traditional Yokohama look, known as “Hamatora,” and Fukuzo stuck to this policy of keeping everything in-house even when his “Seahorse” brand became well known throughout Japan. Each item is carefully made, one by one, from quality materials to ensure it will last. Valuing style over fashion, the designs are kept simple, which is why a skirt made 30 years ago can be coordinated with a new coat made this year. “We just carry on doing what seems obvious to us to produce clothes that people can wear and cherish,” says Fukuzo’s third and current president, Tamami Morimoto, unhesitatingly, as he explains how Fukuzo Yohinten will always stick to its goal of making clothes that will be worn for generations and become a part of family memories.





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