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キリンビール[Kirin Beer]


Source of the brewing skills behind Kirin beer,
enjoyed by beer-lovers for more than 120 years




Hop-infused Kirin Lager

Japan’s first breweries were located in the Yamate district of Yokohama early in the Meiji period. One of these was the Spring Valley Brewery, founded by the American William Copeland. Popular among the foreign residents of Yokohama, beer presently began to be drunk by the Japanese too. The site of Copeland’s brewery was taken over by Japan Brewery, leading to the creation of “Kirin Beer” in 1888. Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., founded in 1907, inherited the business that beer drinkers know and love today. Kirin beer was initially made by German brewers using German-grown ingredients. Lager is beer that has been matured at low temperature. Kirin Lager is today slowly matured at -1℃ to bring out the full flavor of the beer. When poured, a refreshing aroma emanates from the glass as fine snowy-white bubbles rise to the surface of the glowing amber liquid. As committed as ever to ensuring the taste of the hops comes through, Kirin exercises the utmost care over the quantity and quality of hops it uses and when they are added, resulting in a rich, satisfying taste that is always worth a toast. Kanpai!



キリンビールマーケティング 株式会社横浜支社

キリンビールマーケティング 株式会社横浜支社

〒231-0015 横浜市中区尾上町5-78 キリン横浜ビル