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キタムラK2 [KitamuraK2]


Bags to carry through life,
gathering memories along the way



High-quality bags that are handy and stylish

Learning from Yokohama’s history of skillfully incorporating from other cultures ever since its port opened to foreign trade,Kitamura K2 is committed to a craftsmanship that blends the traditional with the international. This results in stylish bags that combine ease of use with a premium, fashionable look. While valued for their refined, original designs, Kitamura K2’s bags are also distinguished by the attention given to ensuring that they are made to last. According to president Kazue Kitamura, bag making depends above all on the materials used: “We take the task of making bags totally seriously, and hand-pick the materials we use.” Kitamura K2 has developed a network of contacts that extends even overseas to locations such as Milan in Italy. This helps it obtain the materials and work out the designs for its products, which are handmade one by one by skilled craftsmen. The result is a bag that will last the customer a lifetime. Kitamura K2’s repair workshop is always filled with items undergoing repair, and it brings tremendous joy to Kitamura K2 to see a favorite bag that has been used for years brought in for repair because it has special sentimental value. These bags are meticulously repaired and returned to their owners to gather more memories through more long years of use.




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