Yokohama's Best Collection/ヨコハマズ ベスト コレクション 横浜にゆかりのある、横浜を愛する職商人達がオンリーワンの商品やサービス、技術を創り出す

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Turning basic bean paste into
highly original Japanese confections




Young artisans bring new ideas to the Yokohama confectionery world

Koro-an is a Japanese confectionery shop with a modern, relaxed feel to be found on one of the back streets of Yokohama’s Motomachi shopping district. Its owner, Tomoya Saito, who trained in the art of making Japanese confectionery, or Wagashi, chose to set up shop here in 2004 because he wanted to “create Wagashi in a historic location with a Western atmosphere.” Koro-an puts a fresh spin on Wagashi while cherishing traditions preserved since the Edo period, resulting in confections that embody the Yokohama character and have proved an instant hit with customers. The Hana Motomachi, for example, is a bite-sized concoction designed to appear like a glass float bobbing in the waves of the port of Yokohama. It consists of a deliciously sweet interior of six kinds of bean paste, including chunky tsubu-an and anzu, encased in a fragrant multicolored wafer shell. Another of Koro-an’s masterpieces is its famous brown-sugar Dorayaki, which is made from a spongy dough generously filled with Hokkaido bean paste, with flavorful brown sugar from Okinawa kneaded through both. These creations are painstakingly made by hand by Mr. Saito and his young artisans in a studio at the back of the shop, and the mouth waters in anticipation of what original Wagashi might next emerge from there.




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