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丸加 [maruka]


Preserving the art of
hand-printed scarf making



Traditional Yokohama scarves – famed for their uniquely deep and vivid colors and texture

Scarf-making grew to become an important local industry in Yokohama following the port’s opening to foreign trade, and the city was considered one of the world top two centers of scarf manufacturing alongside Como in Italy. Every stage of their production—from their design to plate-making, printing, and finishing—was carefully performed by hand, giving Yokohama scarves a worldwide reputation for quality. Now, though, the only maker capable of creating these traditional scarves is the long-established firm of Marca, Inc. Asked what makes their scarves special, Marca’s chairman, Tomoo Endo, says it is “their depth and delicacy of color.” Skilled craftsmen apply colored paste to high-quality silk one color at a time, using at least ten colors to create a single color scheme. Only hand-printing allows this level of attention to be lavished on a scarf, giving a unique depth and shade to patterns that seem to leap from the fabric. With top apparel makers now actively promoting scarves for men, their popularity among the young looks set to boom. “We want to take up the challenge of developing new products while still maintaining traditional technologies,” says Mr. Endo of Marca’s scarves, which keep pace with contemporary fashion while retaining a timeless sense of style.




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