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霧笛楼 [Mutekiro]

30 年以上、素材、調理法を追究し

Mu Teki Ro’s “Yokohama-French,”
refined through more than 30 years of culinary exploration




Enjoy a moment of bliss in a Period- Style European Setting

Walk along Naka-dori a block away from Motomachi main-street. You will come across a white building constructed in a traditional European style. This exotic Grand Maison is the French restaurant, Mu Teki Ro. It’s theme from the outset was to serve “authenticity,” which also meant instead of trying to mimic the well-renowned restaurants overseas, to clearly focus on “Yokohama” as its identity. By making the most of the natural flavors and beauty of the carefully selected fresh ingredients, Mu Teki Ro has established a Yokohama-style French cuisine by its “East Meets West” style (Wakon-Yosai) approach. Its constant challenge for perfection created from the finest ingredients and executed through its culinary pursuits soon established Mu Teki Ro as one of Yokohama’s leading restaurants. The restaurant’s décor is as distinctive as its food, with the first-floor featuring a restaurant bar that takes diners back to Yokohama’s early days
as an international port. On the second-floor is the restaurant’s signature Tatami Rooms with its distinctively exotic Geisha House interior
design. The third-floor, Silk Room, is for banquets and buffet parties. When dining in MU TEKI RO you can enjoy a wide range of excellent
Yokohama-French cuisine with its friendly service and cozy ambience. Visit Mu Teki Ro and experience French cuisine at its finest, served
with hospitality which has been carried on as in the “Old Is New” (Onko-Chisin) tradition only in YOKOHAMA the Old Port Town.




〒231-0861 横浜市中区元町2-96 
〒236-0051 横浜市金沢区富岡東2-6-21