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サンドグラス[Sand Glass]


Nurturing a unique brand of tea culture across Japan
in the pioneering spirit of Yokohama




Range of 150 original teas

Black tea first arrived in Japan late in the 19th century, but it was not until the 1970s that it became the familiar drink that it is today. Its popularity then took off, and all kinds of tea types and products are now available. As a specialist tea wholesaler, Sandglass Yokohama plays its own part in promoting black tea’s popularity. It imports high-quality tea leaves from India, China, and Sri Lanka, which it then blends into 150 original types of tea, including straight black teas, fruit-flavored blends, and spicy herbal teas. Responding flexibly to customers’ needs, it has earned the support and confidence of tea specialists, restaurants, cake shops, and others across Japan. Its own tearoom in Motomachi is both popular with tea aficionados and a source of fresh enjoyment for those new to the world of tea. Managing director Kentaro Komuro explains that the firm’s approach to business is driven by “the pioneering spirit of Yokohama,” which was evident when the port of Yokohama first opened and its people blended the influx of new things and information from abroad into original creations that they then introduced to the rest of Japan. Mr. Komuro enthusiastically explains that Sandglass Yokohama’s aim is to “introduce to Japan tea leaves blended with the character of Yokohama.”




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