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Onaka-e-GG – Japan’s first officially certified
health food containing lactobacilli


LGG菌(GG ラクトバチルスGG株)は1985年アメリカのタフツ大学のゴルバッハ博士とゴールディン博士が健康なヒトの腸内から発見したプロバイオティクス乳酸菌である。タカナシが乳酸菌の可能性を求めて欧米を探していたとき、フィンランドでLGG乳酸菌に出会い、ライセンスを持つバリオ社と業務提携した。すでに世界的評価が高かったLGG乳酸菌だったが、特定保健用食品許可にあたっては、安全性や日本人による実際の有益性など膨大な研究論文を添えての申請となった。そして1996年日本国内で最初の乳酸菌を関与成分とする特定保健用食品「タカナシドリンクヨーグルト おなかへGG!」を発売。以来、大きな支持を得て15年を超えるロングセラー商品となっている。LGG乳酸菌は、生きたまま腸に届き、良い菌を増やし悪い菌を減らすことで腸内環境を整える。その研究論文は、世界中で多数報告されており、タカナシでも、日々LGG乳酸菌の持つ可能性をさらに探る研究を行い、豊かな食生活と元気な笑顔のお役に立てるよう努力を続けている。

Keeping intestinal tracts healthy for more than 15 years

Lactobacillus GG is a species of probiotic lactobacillus discovered in the intestinal tract of healthy human beings by Sherwood Gorbach and Barry Goldin of Tufts University in the United States in the late 1980s. Hunting across Europe and America to discover more about the potential of lactobacilli, Takanashi came across Lactobacillus GG in Finland, where it formed a business partnership with the license holder, Valio Ltd. Takanashi applied to have Lactobacillus GG, which already enjoyed a strong worldwide reputation, officially certified under Japan’s “Foods for Specified Health Uses” program (known as “Tokuho” for short), and submitted a huge amount of research demonstrating its safety and actual benefits for Japanese consumers in support of its application. Takanashi’s “Onaka-e-GG” yoghurt drink then went on sale in 1996 as Japan’s first Tokuho-certified lactobacillus health food, and its enduring popularity ever since has made it a firm long-seller for more than 15 years. Lactobacillus GG arrives in the gut still alive, where it regulates the functioning of the intestinal tract by increasing the population of good bacteria and keeping bad bacteria in check. A huge amount of research has already been published on Lactobacillus GG all over the world, and Takanashi continues to constantly further explore its potential in order to help enhance diets and promote healthy, cheerful lifestyles.





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