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髙島屋横浜店 [Takashimaya]


Always putting people first -
giving shape to hospitality




Becoming local shoppers’ favorite department store

Takashimaya’s business philosophy revolves around the idea of “always putting people first.” “People” here means customers,
employees, local residents, and members of society at large. This basic idea is given shape by the omotenashi, or traditional Japanese hospitality, provided by all of its stores, day in, day out. The exact nature of this hospitality varies according to the time and place. Whether at its stores in Japan or its growing network in Asia, Takashimaya believes it essential to precisely ascertain and meet its customers’ needs. One of the strongest draws for shoppers in Japan is Takashimaya’s Yokohama store, which pursues various strategies to firmly establish itself as local shoppers’ favorite department store. To raise hospitality to even greater heights, it listens to the views of customers, business partners, and employees to help it improve its sales floors and service. It has introduced “store concierges” and “sales concierges” befitting of an international city such as Yokohama, and will continue to pursue ever higher levels of hospitality to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience for all its shoppers and achieve its mission of being a department store that enriches peoples’ lives.


株式会社髙島屋 横浜店

株式会社髙島屋 横浜店

〒220-8601 横浜市西区南幸1-6-31