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有隣堂 [Yurindo]


A lodestone for the community
founded on a lofty ideal



横浜開港50周年を祝う提灯や装飾で街が染められ、港都としての発展を象徴する年となった1909年(明治42)、有隣堂は横浜・伊勢佐木町に創業、書籍と文具の専門店としてその歩みを始めた。文化と教育に関する商品を通じ浜っ子のよりどころとして賑わうが、波乱の道のりもあった。第一次世界大戦後の不況、関東大震災による店舗の倒壊・焼失、また1945年(昭和20)の大空襲での店舗の焼失、さらに敗戦後の連合国軍による店舗敷地の長期接収など、横浜の近代史と歩みをともにしてきた。創業100年を超えた現在、事業領域を多方面に拡大し、店頭販売活動はもとよりオフィスやあらゆるビジネスシーンをサポートする「お役立ち企業」として翼を広げるとともに、出版やカルチャーセンターなども展開している。社名は、『論語』の「徳不孤 必有隣」(徳ある人は孤立せず、必ず理解、共鳴する人が現われる)に由来している。勇気と信念にあふれたこの言葉を企業精神とし、有隣堂はさらなる飛躍を狙っている。

Yurindo’s more than a century of history mirrors Yokohama’s recent past

When Yurindo was established in the Isezakicho district of Yokohama in 1909, the district was bedecked in lanterns and decorations in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the port. It began life as a specialist retailer of books and stationery and is now a flourishing business and popular haunt of local residents seeking out cultural and educational materials, but the road to today has not always been easy. It has witnessed every major episode in Yokohama’s modern history, including the effects of the depression after World War I, ruin in the Great Kanto Earthquake, destruction by fire during the great air raids of 1945, and the long-term seizure of the land it was situated on by the Allies after the end of the war. More than a century since it was established, Yurindo’s business is now more diversified and it has grown from being just a retailer into providing helpful services for offices and all kinds of other business users as well. It is also expanding into publishing and culture center services. The name of the company derives from the teaching in the Analects of Confucius that “virtue ever has solitude and always has companionship.” Following this ideal imbued with courage and conviction as its guiding business ethos, Yurindo aims to continue to make great strides in the future.



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